A Tale of Two Politicians

It was sad for me to learn that Jason Kander had dropped out of the Kansas City mayoral race.  I have read his latest book, follow his podcast faithfully, and have found myself hoping he might consider throwing his hat in the 2020 ring.
Imagine, though, on the same day that Jason, a combat veteran in Afghanistan who bravely and with great vulnerability admitted he needed to face his PTSD head on, hearing Donald Trump mock Christine Blasey Ford at a rally in as vile a display I could imagine from any human being, lest one holding the office of President of the United States.
To those of you want to see the likes of Jason Kander rise up and Donald Trump
and his sycophants taken down, I share this:
1) Call your MOC’s. Call them every day.
2) Sign up to canvass.
3) Sign up to phone bank.
4) Sign up for a postcard party.
Watching TV and being outraged is not an example of democracy at work. In fact, it really is part of the problem. Act. Vote. Do something. Make your voice heard. Are you OK with Donald Trump? No? If not, what are you DOING about it?
Karen MacWatters, Chapter Leader
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