And We’re Off!

I am thrilled to report that I have recently retired after a very rewarding 32 years of teaching in the public schools.  While I will miss my students and my craft, I look forward to having far more time and energy to devote to Indivisible, and no longer needing to worry that my truth to power DNA might land me in the principal’s office!

Perhaps you are new to our site and looking for ways to get involved.   Indivisible 518: Justice for All is a small but passionate and committed group of individuals dedicated to the work of saving our democracy, which of course means doing all we can to see that Trump is defeated in 2020.  In addition to our monthly chapter meetings, which are centered on the tenets of Indivisible National, we will sponsor and convene for marches, peaceful protests, and postcard or letter writing campaigns aimed at getting out the vote.  We will make our voices heard by calling or writing to our representatives on key issues, in addition to holding them accountable with our questions at town halls.  We work very closely with the Coalition of Capital Region Progressives, so that if another group needs support, we are there for them when possible.   We give monthly as a chapter to local and national organizations representing groups of people threatened by the Trump administration’s legislation.  We will be the boots on the ground when the election nears, showing up for petitioning, canvassing, and phone-banking, or in any other way needed.  And last, but not least, our chapter declared from the start that the climate crisis and environmental protection are the highest of our priorities.

If this all sounds great, but you are wondering if your schedule or energy level allows for this level of commitment, please do not let that deter you from showing up at a chapter meeting to get to know us and learn more.  You will find that our members are comfortable doing only what they can, even if they are not able to attend meetings regularly.  Every gesture counts, and when we act as a group, even the smallest actions add up.

If you would like to learn more about our work or the details of meeting attendance, please feel free to reach out to me at  I would be happy to add you to our e-mail list upon request.

We hope to see you in September.  Together, our voices will carry.

Karen MacWatters,
Chapter Leader

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