Senator Schumer Hosts Conference Call

On April 9th, New York State Senator Chuck Schumer hosted a statewide conference call on the recently passed Cares Act.  Several progressive leaders from the Capital Region were able to attend, including Paul Fisk of Indivisible 518.  Paul was gracious enough to share his notes from the meeting:

  • Senator Schumer began by mentioning that Mitch McConnell had tried to jam the Democrats with their one sided “corporate giveaway” that had regressive features 
  • He said Democratic priorities were to create a “Marshall Plan” for healthcare and to “put workers first” on economic relief, with “unemployment insurance on steroids” among other things. 
  • Senator Schumer emphasized corporate responsibility and said that Dems were successful in getting oversight provisions that included making all contracts public within 14 days, as opposed to the original GOP plan to keep contracts with businesses secret. 
  • The senator also spoke proudly of the $150 billion they received for state and local governments, and the $20 billion for broadband. 
  • He said that they would be pushing for much more in “COVID 4,” including lots more on health, UI extended, easier voting (which will be a big fight), more broadband, and hazard pay for front line workers.

 Senator Schumer then took questions, which were generally very specific to individual cases.

 When asked how we could help, the senator replied “Reach out to other Indivisible groups  in other states to pressure their GOP reps on the bills to come.”

 Indivisible 518: Justice for All will continue to urge Congress to act decisively to protect the physical and financial well-being of all Americans from the ravages of Covid-19.

Karen MacWatters,
Chapter Leader

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