Gifts Bags for Area Nursing Homes

Dear Indivisible 518 and friends,
     My only wish is that, along with Stephanie, Renzie, and me, you could have seen the reaction of staff members when we arrived at the Saratoga and Shaker Place Rehab and Skilled Nursing Centers.  They were overjoyed with gratitude, and couldn’t wait to deliver the gifts to residents.  The ladies at Shaker Place commented about how difficult it had become to keep the spirits of the residents elevated over the last few months.  “They are going to LOVE these!” was repeated many times while we unloaded.  In addition to gift bags for the entire facility at Shaker Place (170 bags) and for one entire unit at Saratoga (50 bags), we gifted snacks to the staff, Bingo prizes and puzzles that were too big for the gift bags, and postage stamps to give to the residents when needed (they commented that they had been giving their own stamps away).IMG-0172
     We could not have pulled this off without the incredible generosity of this group, in addition to a few special friends who joined us along the way.  Every one of you chipped in, whether it was in the form of a monetary donation, a trip to the dollar store to purchase items, taking a shift with the donation bin at Rexford, or assembling bags at Midway.  Even at the 11th hour on Monday, when we realized we were going to be a few bags short, a quick trip to the dollar store with donations from Paul, Eve, and yet again, Lourdes, brought our final goal to fruitionIMG-8739.
     Staff members of both facilities promised they would take pics of residents receiving and enjoying their gifts.  I’ll be sure to forward anything I receive.
     Thank you for exemplifying what is great about this nation during such incredibly challenging times.  I am deeply honored to be on this path with such caring and generous souls.

Karen MacWatters
Chapter Leader

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